Earl Blijd
The Panther of Curaçao

Do not miss the story of

his biggest fight yet ...

More: Earl in the year of the Dragon.

Also, admire his track record as listed below.

1996 Coach of Netherlands Sanda Team 6th European Wushu Championship I.W.F. Rome (Italy)
1994 Appointed Teacher of the Martial Arts teacher courses of the Netherlands Sports Federation 
1994 Coach of Netherlands Sanda Team 5th European Wushu Championship E.W.F. Munich (Germany) 
1993 Coach of Netherlands Sanda Team 2nd Wushu Worldchampionship Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 
1993 2nd in Musical Forms Worldchampionship WAKO Atlantic City (USA) 
1993 World Champion in Musical Forms W.K.A. (The Netherlands) 
1993 Nationale Coach Wushu Sanda Team N.W.F. (The Netherlands) 
1993 European Champion in Musical Forms W.K.A. (Germany) 
1993 1st in Open Class Open Kung Fu/Wushu Championship Karlsruhe (Germany) 
1993 1st Forms, Grand-champion Forms, 3rd Sparring Black Belt Classics LMARS (Germany) 
1991 Coach of German Sanda Team 1st Wushu Worldchampionships I.W.F. Beijing (China) 
1991 1st in Traditional Forms, 1st in Self defense Int. German Championship D.WF. (Germany) 
1991 1st in Sparring All Style Tournament P.K.A. (The Netherlands) 
1991 1st in Forms, 3rd in Weapons E.C. WAKO Madrid (Spain) 
1990 1st in Forms, 3rd in Weapons Open E.C. W.K.A. 
1989 Grand-champion Open E.C. Martial Arts Frankfurt (Germany) 
1987 European Champion Forms D.M.A.A. (The Netherlands) 
'86,'87,'90 1st Sparring Oldehove Tournament P.K.A. (The Netherlands) 
1986 Winner Coupe Sun Yat Sen Brussels (Belgium) 
1986 European Champion Forms W.M.A.A. (The Netherlands)

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