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  Bao Trieu
Wushu Society
  Bao Trieu Emblem  
  Bao Trieu was founded in 1979 in Groningen (The Netherlands) by Sifu Trieu Trung La. In Vietnam he learned Martial Arts at the Martial Arts School Bao Truyen of Professor Nguyen-Dinh-Bao. 'Truyen' stands for the wish that the name 'Bao' shall always live on. At this school different Martial Arts, as Judo, Karate, Vo Vietnam and Kung Fu, were practiced. Sifu Trieu Trung La got his second master-degree after four days of examination.

Sifu La appointed Earl Blijd in 1983 as assistant teacher. In 1984 Earl Blijd took over the Wushu society Bao Trieu. As of 1985 Earl started to train the modern Wushu method besides the traditional Kung Fu Hung Gar.

With the Bao Trieu School Earl Blijd promotes the practice of the Chinese Martial Arts Wushu/Kung Fu in all aspects. All kinds of people of different nationalities from young to old train Wushu at the Wushu Society Bao Trieu under guidance of Earl Blijd.

The demo team of Bao Trieu is well known in the international world of Martial Arts. Famous because of all styles of Wushu forms, weapons and fights. Their beautiful Lion Dance and Dragon Dance performances should not be missed either.

Earl Blijd was born in Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) a beautiful island in the sunny Caribbean. Earl's nick name 'The Panther of Curaçao' was given to him because of his good leg technics and his catlike flexibility.

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'The Panther of Cura´┐Żao'

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Earl Blijd Wushu trainer at Bao Trieu Wushu (Kung Fu) Sports Center located in Groningen (The Netherlands) specializes in Wushu (Kung Fu) training and demonstrations. Earl Blijd is a devoted Wushu (Kung Fu) trainer with an impressive career. The Wushu demonstration team travels around the world and may be hired for dragon dances and lion dances as well. Earl Blijd is also know as 'The Panther of Curacao'.