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On this page we will keep you informed about news issues and we're presenting a number of featured events of our Wushu society.

The BTB Training Weekend 2007 on June 16 and 17 was a great success !!!
Re-experience and enjoy:

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--- The original Program & other basic info

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 Bao Trieu Photo Club  !

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Our New Year's Wish for

2007 / the Year of the Pig

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Bao Trieu Youth Class on TV !

On October 21, the youth program TOFJA of OOG TV (local tv in Groningen) focused on Bao Trieu.
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To watch the video you need Windows Media Player. You can download it here.

BTB Training Weekend 2006 with great instructors in Wushu & other martials arts

Our annual training weekend on June 17 and 18, 2006 was again a great success.

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A week of daily festivities, to celebrate that our trainer Earl Blijd started his kungfu-career 30 years ago!

  • Sunday: Looking back at 30 years of Bao Trieu / Earl Blijd
  • Monday: Chinese Evening, with drumming, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance
  • Tuesday: Self Defense & Defensibility
  • Wednesday: Taijiquan and Demo of Youth with a limitation
  • Thursday: Multicultural Evening, focus on the Dutch Antilles, Curacao, Surinam
  • Friday: The Social Role of Martial Arts
  • Saturday: Fighting: semi, sanda, boxing, thaiboxing, brasilian jiujitsu
  • Sunday: Children's afternoon
Location: Bao Trieu Sportscentre

Check out the Program! / Bekijk het Programma! Sorry: Dutch only

with great instructors in Wushu & other martials arts:
Yanlong Li - WUSHU -- Qiuping Lin - TAIJIQUAN -- Ernesto Hoost - MUAY THAI -- Tyrone Spong - KICKBOXING -- Augusto Ferrari - BRASILIAN JIU JITSU -- Mestre Gildo Valu - CAPOEIRA --Santiago Gonzalez Cintra - BOXING -- Mieke Hink & Owen King - ALLSTYLE SEMI-CONTACT / LIGHT CONTINUOUS -- Mark Horton - CHOY LI FUT -- Patrick van Neerden - KICKBOXING -- Bao Trieu Demoteam - WUSHU / KUNGFU / LION DANCE / DRAGON DANCE


Did you participate in BTB's Training Weekend and you want to freshen up what you learned? Or you couldn't come this year, but want to get a taste of what is was like to be instructed by these great instructors?
Then buy the double DVD of BTB's Trainingsweekend 2009 - it's only 15 euro!

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The original Program & other basic info

Earl & Carl Blijd: Knights in the Order of Oranje-Nassau !

On April 29 2009, Earl and Carl Blijd have both been appointed as Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.
Wushu Society Bao Trieu / Blijd proudly congratulates Earl and Carl with this great recognition of their work !

More info: see how Earl and Carl receive their honours, read a report and look at the press coverage Sorry, Dutch only
On Sunday January 29th 2006, BTB organizes a

Celebration of Chinese New Year
With Lion dance, Dragon dance, Wushu / Kung Fu, Taijiquan, Chi Kung, Boxing, Sanda, Music, Song and Dance

Time: 14.00 – 16.00 uur
Location: Bao Trieu Sportscentre

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On Sunday December 12th 2004, BTB organized the:


Location: Sports Hall Vinkhuizen, Groningen
Time: 11:00 - 17:00

Check out the Results or look at the Info


Monday November 1st till Friday November 5th:
Through a week of daily festivities, we celebrated that our trainer Earl Blijd started his kungfu-career 25 years ago!

Check out the Report! / Bekijk het Verslag! Now with videoclips!
Sorry: Dutch only

On June 5 & 6 2004, there was yet another annual

with great instructors in Wushu & other martials arts.

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On April 30, Queen Beatrix visited Groningen. Bao Trieu had its own stage on the Vismarkt, right in the middle of the festivities. View our:

BTB's Programme for Queen's Day,
including background information and links.

Our apologies to our non-dutch readers: the programme is written in dutch.

Earl Blijd has been awarded with the

Sports Stimulation Award 2003
of the City Groningen

The award was handed to Earl by alderman Rene Paas in Groningen's City Hall on Thursday January 29, 2004.

Now online: report on & results of BTB's

7th Wushu/Kung Fu Championships for Youth & Juniors

December 14, 2003.
Sports Hall Vinkhuizen, Groningen.

On October 23, a new introduction course started of

Martial Arts for Youth with a Limitation

Read all about it, and check out the video.

At the Dutch Championships Sanda on September 13, BTB-member Harwin Nederhoed became Dutch Champion Sanda in the category -70 kg.

Report & Video of Harwin Nederhoed

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Find our updated schedule / information / prices in:

The New BTB Flyer

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On July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong of an apparent cerebral edema (swelling of the brain).

'Met het OOG op morgen' on RADIO 1 (NL) interviews Kim Ho Kim & Earl Blijd about Bruce Lee.

Date: Saturday July 19, 2003. Time: 23:35 Presenter: Joop van Zijl

On May 10/11 Bao Trieu organized the

BTB Training Weekend 2003

Check out the Video & Photo Report

And experience what is was like...

Oliver Juhrs of Bao Trieu / Chemnitz just performed as an extra for the shooting of Jackie Chan's new movie "Around the world in 80 days".

Pictures of Oliver & Jackie Chan

Now online:

Video's & Pictures of the

From their performance on June 6, 2003.

(Re)Experience our succesful event and the reception of Special Guest 'Mr. Perfect' Ernesto Hoost

Bao Trieu's Sanda Gala Matinee 26 Jan 2003
Video's / Photo's / Reports

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Full Contact MAG - Martial Arts Groningen 2002
Trainings Day with great Full Contact Instructors:
Ernesto Hoost, Dave Jonker/Sem Schilt, Santiago Gonzalez-Cintra, Alan Pinontoan, Johann Davids, Earl Blijd
April 7, 2002, Bao Trieu Sportscentre

Check out Tobias's MAG 2002 Report if you want to know what it was like...
Our apologies; the report is in Dutch

On september 16, 2001 we celebrated the

Grand Opening of Bao Trieu Sportcentre

Read all about it in our Opening Report

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